Storage & Enclosures Applications


Electronic Rotary Latch System, Compact - LNL-77E-4761-3

Electronic access. Push-to-close electronic rotary latch series. Compacy. Small cycle life with sensor option that dects closed position and integrated mechanical override. Versatile concealed latching feature.

Economical Switch Lock, 1.375" No Spring Return S201

Economical Switch Lock, 1.375" No Spring Return, Solder Post, Off-On Postion

Indoor 10 amp Key Switch Lock V3171CA4

Indoor 10 amp Key Switch Lock with screw type terminals

Electronic Rotary Latch System, Medium - LNL-77E-5873-93

Electronic access push-to-close electronic rotary latch series. Medium. High cycle life with sensor option that dects closed position and integration mechanical override.

Electronic Rotary Latch System Large - LNL-77E-6772-93

Electronic access push-to-close electronic latch series. Large. High cycle life with sensor option that dects closed position and integrated mechanical override.

Friction Hinge 1-16945-MB

Allows the door to be stopped at any point in the door swing cycle. .20 MTG holes.

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